World Best Romantic Destinations

Romantic destinations are the most sought after by millions of couples and singles looking to quench their long desire for love. For a destination to be termed as romantic, it must have all or some of the known characteristics including beautiful and unique sceneries, startling beaches, loads of romantic activities, fine dining with exceptional cuisines, and erratic atmosphere among much more.

So whether you are looking to reignite the sparks with your lover, celebrating an anniversary, or just spending time with your special someone, consider the following destinations.

1. Paris

Paris is prevalently known as the city of love. Paris receives millions of visitors looking for a taste of the romantic atmosphere due to its reputation of being the worlds most romantic destination. True to its word, Paris sets the bar high with beautiful sceneries including the icon of love, the Eiffel Tower. Paris, France’s capital, is located on the river Seine, north of France.

Romantic Destinations

The city is graced with beautiful parks for lovers to have a romantic picnic and amazing romantic themed restaurants for sumptuous meals and wine. This city offers a full romantic package and would be the best destination for anybody looking for the romantic magic.

2. Hawaii

Hawaii is the decisive destination for couples looking for a romantic and relaxing experience. Most popular for couples’ honeymoon adventure, Hawaii is an island in the U.S and the only state conjured entirely of islands. This destination is best known for the warm spirit of the locals who have unique cultures and very warm personalities.

Apart from the warm locals, Hawaii boasts of the best tropical beaches in the world. The island also features luxurious suites, ocean surfing, and spectacular wildlife. Hawaii is a must visit for all couples looking for a nice quiet and relaxing romantic destination. Check here for some more specific ideas.

3. Venice

Venice is a city in Italy known for its beautiful sceneries, adventure, romance, artwork, and intricate architecture. The city is united by 118 small islands separated by channels and bridges to form Venice. The reputation of Venice will make you fall in love again or bring back your long lost romance charm.

Common romantic adventures include a ride in the gondola, (an ancient symbol of romance and love), walking through the beautiful architectured streets, and finally wine and dine in the elegant restaurants incorporating with both local and international cuisines.

4. Maldives

A unique name for a unique destination, Maldives is an island nation sited in the Indian Ocean. It comprises of an amalgamation of 23 islands. The place is best suited for those who find peace, love, and romance in the ocean and marine life atmosphere.

It is secluded, quiet, and peaceful which will give you lots of time to bond with your lover.

5. Tahiti

Tahiti is filled with wonder worth island sceneries that will leave you breathless. The island is found in the southern Pacific Ocean. The island incorporates excellent luxurious suites and beach bungalows. There are a lot of romantic activities including morning and late evenings stride along the beaches, watching the sunset and sunrise from the comfort of the beach bungalows, fine dining, massage while sipping the best wine the world has to offer, among other romantic activities. Tahiti is indeed an idyllic paradise.

Tips for Travelling in Big Groups

You may be planning a holiday trip with your friends, family, bachelor parties, etc. On the upside, it means you get to explore the world with your favorite people but there are plenty of downsides too; bickering, indecision, and worse, fights. You may not get a chance to spend a lot of quality time with your group so you must be looking forward to memorable experiences which will be pleasant to look back on.

Travelling in Big Groups

In a group, there is bound to be a difference of opinion so it is important to know how to handle such situations before they arise or when they do. We don’t want you feeling like taking a vacation from your vacation. Here are some tips that will make your trip run smoothly.

Appoint a leader

Assigning a travel group leader is important to keep everything and everyone moving. Depending on the different strengths of the group members, other responsibilities can also be assigned. Those who can read maps quite well, who is most comfortable asking strangers for directions, handling money, speaking foreign languages, etc.


Consider setting up a group text for constant communication amongst yourselves. It can come in handy when you are separated by choice or by accident. Make sure each person knows the name of the hotel or has a plan/itinerary. You can also create a Google doc and share all the relevant information from the hotel, groceries list, phone numbers, etc. Also, be open to new ideas and suggestions from group members. Everyone should feel like they have a voice.

Plan alone time

The group doesn’t have to be together from dawn until dusk. Make sure you plan some alone time to give everyone a chance to do their own thing. Sleep, read a book, visit some historical sites, etc., and maybe meet up for dinner with the rest of the group. The group members will appreciate this. This might be a good time for people to check off some places from their checklist that they may not be in the group itinerary. You are paying for the trip so you might as well wander off and tick off your own must see and must do.

Plan in advance

There are some details of your trip that you may want to plan in advance. Examples are adjoining hotel rooms, dinner tables, reservations at some attractions site, minivans, etc. While at it, look for large group discounts which are best purchased in advance. It will save you some bucks too. Sometimes you can ask if they offer such discounts. If you have kids on your trip, you might also want to see if you can find a babysitter to watch your kids and many more minute details.

Planning Services

You could opt for trip planning services, travel agents, or tour groups to handle all the logistics for you. They cover everything necessary so this takes the hassle off of you. Of course, there is a service fee involved but it may save you more, in the long run, trying to figure things out on the go.

Five common travel packing mistakes to avoid

There are many common packing mistakes we are likely to make regardless of how long we’ve been traveling across the world. Whether you get to your destination and realize you forgot to pack something or have to pay extra baggage fees when traveling, learning a packing lesson the hard way is something that many travelers experience from time to time. Failure to pack your bag till the last minute is one of the sure recipes for making mistakes. There is the right and wrong way to pack for a trip, and you need to be informed. Here are common packing mistakes you can avoid the next time you travel.

Not packing appropriately for your destination

The first thing you need to know is about your travel destination. The type of clothing you pack has to go hand in hand with the situation of your travel destination. For instance, when touring a city during winter, you don’t need to carry capris and short-sleeved shirts. You should identify the current weather of the region you’re traveling to so as to know what is appropriate for you to pack. Pack heavy clothes for cold places and light clothes for warm places.


While some people are likely to forget to pack things, other people pack too much. There is the rule that you lay out everything you think you may need on the bed and then pack only half of them. Avoid packing “just in case” items in your bag since you may not use them. Having a light bag will not only save you money you would pay for an overweight bag at the airport but also save you backaches as well give you space to carry a souvenir back.

Not making a packing list

Creating a packing list is very important for your trip preparation. Without a packing list, you may end up packing too much or forget something very important. Use a packing list and finish packing at least a whole day before to avoid the last minute rush.

Assuming your hotel will have what, you need

If you’re going traveling to stay in a hotel, it is important to avoid assumptions that the hotel will have whatever you will need. It is a good idea to make a quick call or email and inquire about what is available for guests. Stay clear on the availabilities of little extras such as charging stations, toiletries, adapters, bathrobes and even blankets. You will save yourself the cost of buying items you never carried for assuming they will be provided.

Not reading up on your airline’s baggage policy

Airline fees keep changing from time to time. It is therefore essential to check out the extra fees your airline is charging at the time of your travel. Get finer details regarding the booking fees, baggage fees as well as the change fees before you go to travel. You will save yourself the risk of getting stranded after incurring unplanned costs.