Ten Reasons to visit Romania

Romania is a small country in Eastern Europe that started attracting more and more tourists in the past ten years. It has many amazing places that are waiting to be discovered. eHe Here’s ten reasons to visit this beautiful country.

  1. There’s plenty of tasty food. If there’s one thing we love about Romanians, it is their traditional food. In the Medieval Era, Romania was the place where different cultures met. Romanians have a kitchen that’s inspired by the Turkish culture, the Slavic culture and the Austro-Hungarian culture. They have changed the recipes from these three big cultures and personalized them in a creative-Romanian way. The results are absolutely tasty. Jock from Enchanted Marketing who visited recently is in total agreement. He considers himself a gourmand gourmet. Good food in good quantities and Romania provided that.
  2. The Peles Castle. It was built by Romania’s first king (Charles the First) as a summer resort for the royal family and it is one of the biggest castles in Eastern Europe.
  3. Brasov City is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. It has a medieval city and there are many tourist attractions there. Not very far from Brasov there’s Bran Castle which is widely known as Dracula’s Castle. It was the home of Vlad Tepes, the man that inspired the Dracula legend.
  4. The Painted Monasteries from Bucovina are unique monasteries that have been built by Romanian leaders during the medieval era after every war that was won by them as a way to thank God for the victory.
  5. The Danube Delta is the second biggest delta in Europe and the most beautiful from the continent. It is home to no less than 330 different bird species and it is the most well preserved river delta in Europe.
  6. The medieval cities from Transylvania are impressive. There are many well-preserved medieval cities. The most beautiful is the medieval city of Alba-Iulia which is located right in the heart of the country but the medieval cities of Sighisoara, Cluj Napoca, Sibiu, and Oradea are also beautiful.
  7. Bucharest, Romania’s capital is a beautiful city in the Southern region of the country. Here you can visit the Herastrau Park, the Natural History Museum Grigore Antipa and the biggest building in the country, The House of the Parliament, which was built by Romania’s last communist dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu.
  8. Romanians are friendly, welcoming people and they know how to organize a party. Wherever you go in Romania, you’ll meet happy people that love dancing and having fun in the traditional way. In Transylvania people love gathering around a camp fire and dancing traditional dances, drinking traditional beverages since the sun sets, until the sun rises again next morning.
  9. Romania has a rich architecture, inspired by many cultures. The Bucovina region has architecture inspired by the Slavic culture, Trasylvania has western influences in architecture, Dobrogea county has architecture inspired by the Turkish nation and the Bucharest is the place where all these different architecture types meet.
  10. The mountain resorts are amazing. In the Carpathian mountains you can practice different winter sports such as skiing and sledge.