Five common travel packing mistakes to avoid

There are many common packing mistakes we are likely to make regardless of how long we’ve been traveling across the world. Whether you get to your destination and realize you forgot to pack something or have to pay extra baggage fees when traveling, learning a packing lesson the hard way is something that many travelers experience from time to time. Failure to pack your bag till the last minute is one of the sure recipes for making mistakes. There is the right and wrong way to pack for a trip, and you need to be informed. Here are common packing mistakes you can avoid the next time you travel.

Not packing appropriately for your destination

The first thing you need to know is about your travel destination. The type of clothing you pack has to go hand in hand with the situation of your travel destination. For instance, when touring a city during winter, you don’t need to carry capris and short-sleeved shirts. You should identify the current weather of the region you’re traveling to so as to know what is appropriate for you to pack. Pack heavy clothes for cold places and light clothes for warm places.


While some people are likely to forget to pack things, other people pack too much. There is the rule that you lay out everything you think you may need on the bed and then pack only half of them. Avoid packing “just in case” items in your bag since you may not use them. Having a light bag will not only save you money you would pay for an overweight bag at the airport but also save you backaches as well give you space to carry a souvenir back.

Not making a packing list

Creating a packing list is very important for your trip preparation. Without a packing list, you may end up packing too much or forget something very important. Use a packing list and finish packing at least a whole day before to avoid the last minute rush.

Assuming your hotel will have what, you need

If you’re going traveling to stay in a hotel, it is important to avoid assumptions that the hotel will have whatever you will need. It is a good idea to make a quick call or email and inquire about what is available for guests. Stay clear on the availabilities of little extras such as charging stations, toiletries, adapters, bathrobes and even blankets. You will save yourself the cost of buying items you never carried for assuming they will be provided.

Not reading up on your airline’s baggage policy

Airline fees keep changing from time to time. It is therefore essential to check out the extra fees your airline is charging at the time of your travel. Get finer details regarding the booking fees, baggage fees as well as the change fees before you go to travel. You will save yourself the risk of getting stranded after incurring unplanned costs.